May 1st:

First Eiscafe of the season.  (Eiscafe=ice cream+coffee+whipped cream+cookie on top.  Delicious.)

May 4th:

Wednesday night dinner in Horn.  Baklava.  Mmmm.

May 8th:

Cool clouds and the Rathaus.

May 11th:

Exploring some castle ruins near Horn.  (More pictures to come.)


I’m in California again!  Yay!  Someday those pictures will make it up here!  🙂

April 17th:

A view of the Gloriette. It always looks good, but the palace grounds look so much better when everything is green!

April 19th:

Day trip to the Wachau Valley!

April 21st:

Cow farm in Tirol, Austria.

April 22nd:

One of the exhibitions at Swarovski World.

April 23:

Wildflower bouquet. 

April 24th:

Fun Easter activity: roller coaster built on top of a mountain!  You control the speed going around corners, while speeding past the Austrian countryside. Best roller coaster ever. 

April 25th:

Obligatory jumping photo.  Tschuss Tirol!

I went to Tirol for Easter Break.  I’ll add more pictures of it in my next post.  We were surrounded by mountains…it was beautiful!

So my blackberry is broken so a significant amount of pictures are missing.  Oh well, maybe they’ll make it up here someday…

April 10th:

Pretty sunset in Vienna with a nice view of the church in the background although you can’t really see that.

April 11th:

Helicopter landing on Stephansplatz….never quite figured out why.

April 13th:

Mmm bärlauch (bear’s garlic) soup.  Yum.

April 14th:

A tree blossoming across the street from my apartment…everything was blossoming everywhere!!

April 15th:

A wall of Milka wrappers in one of my classes. Yesss!