This kind of looks like a setting for a horror film…but it’s just Horn on a Thursday night.  Not very lively, huh?  I took this on my (very cold) walk to rock climbing/bouldering.  I thought about taking pictures there, but I guess I forgot about it.  Exciting photo tomorrow, fingers crossed!


Feb. 16th:

I was going to post another gray landscape picture, but I guess I’ll have plenty of those.  I haven’t seen the sun in three days! So instead this is the cart in the entryway to where I live.  My landlords change the decorations each season.  Kind of cute, right?  Sorry it’s not a more exciting photo.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring one!


The Gloriette-which looks down on Schönbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Hapsburgs.  I had a ridiculously overpriced coffee there.  I love the Gloriette, but having coffee there is just not worth it.  You can’t see the view of the city from inside!


U-bahn.  Public transportation is definitely one of my favorite things about Vienna.

Feb. 14th:

Typical Austrian breakfast to start my week off.  Hot chocolate, semmel (roll), butter and a soft boiled egg. Yum.

The grocery store gave me a daffodil with my purchase because it was Valentine’s Day! 🙂

Feb. 15th:

I think there is a picture of this spot already on here, but I like this view and it’s winter now.  This is the field I pass on my walk to school everyday. 

Thailand in Review

Here are some more of my favorite photos from Thailand.  Overall it was a good trip, although I probably will not be returning for a beach holiday and most likely not to Koh Chang.  Way too touristy in my opinion, but after leaving the northern part of the island it had some redeeming qualities.  I’ll stick to the cities and some scuba diving.  

February 7th:

Sifting through the day’s catches.  

Feb. 8th

Scuba diving!!  I’m not very photogenic underwater. Haha.

Feb. 9th:

Saying goodbye to the island of Koh Chang. Back to Bangkok.

Feb. 10th

This is a tuk-tuk.  The tuk-tuk driver’s are the competition for the taxi drivers in Bangkok.  Although they always try to get you to use their service by promising it’s cheaper, the price quoted is usually about triple what you would pay for a taxi.  Worth it one time I would say, otherwise it’s too expensive.  I suspect that the locals do in fact get a much cheaper price though. This was the last day in Thailand.  😦

Back in Austria.  There wasn’t a lot to do yesterday so I did some shopping.  I thought it was somewhat fitting that my main purchase was two soup bowls with a place to rest chopsticks.  

I have many more pictures, but I’m still sifting through them.  I’ll add some more from Thailand as soon as I have!

So yesterday was spent traveling to Koh Chang.  Unfortunately, not at all what I had expected.  The resort we had booked, the Amari Emerald Cove Resort, was subpar. The tiny beach was not only concrete but had ugly concrete steps leading to the water.  It was awful, but more on that later.  Yesterday’s picture is from the ferry ride to the island after a 5 hour bus ride.  It was a welcome site and had my mood lifted for a time.

Feb. 5th:

Feb 6th:

Today we moved to another ‘resort’.  This one is not so much a resort as it is a place to stay that is not surrounded by loud music, hookers and awful food.  The beach is again tiny, and dirty, but at least it’s not made of concrete.  This picture makes it look better than it really is…but I’m surviving.  🙂

Bangkok, Thailand

Location: Bangkok

Right now I am in Thailand as my semester break has just begun. I’m not really sure why a break is needed since we just started back, but I’m not complaining!  

Feb. 2nd:

Red eye flight from Vienna to Bangkok.  Business class!  The best sleep I’ve ever gotten on a plane.  Unfortunately, I was still pretty exhausted when the plane landed. 

Feb. 3rd:

The Chinese New Year happens to be going on right now.  There were celebrations all over the city (I think we even saw the queen visiting a temple!), but this one was happening in front of the hotel.  As the dragon danced around people ran up to put money in it’s mouth.  


Mythological figures at the Grand Palace.  Sadly, I can’t tell you much more about these other than they’re pretty cool looking. The palace however, was home to the past king’s of Thailand, although it is no longer used as a residence.

And now, a few more Thailand pictures.  No way I could pick just three!!

Night Market.

Best dessert ever.  Fried dough, filled with egg and banana, then topped with sweetened condensed milk and some more sugar.  

This guy accompanied the dancing dragons and both collected money and passed out charms to those who donated.

I actually really liked my food.  I think I was upset by the fact I had just picked up such a huge pepper.  Thai food is SPICY!

At the Banyon Tree Hotel’s rooftop bar.  Decent drinks and great view of the city.

The first of many Buddah’s seen today.

Marine life for sale outside the temples.  I’m pretty sure they were there to release…perhaps for good luck?

The Grand Palace

The boat that took us through the canals.

Houses on the water.

Fried insects.  Yum?  I could not bring myself to try these…

Tomorrow I’m off to Koh Chang.  Internet there is extremely expensive so hopefully I will be able to update at least once.  

January 27th: 

This is from the bathroom door at one of my favorite restaurants in Vienna.  It’s called Der Wiener Deewan and is Pakistani (similar to Indian food).  The atmosphere is awesome, perhaps a little counter culture.   It’s claim to fame amoung the young foreigners here is that it is “pay as you wish”.  Before you leave you simply pay whatever you think the meal is worth.  Since it’s also buffet style you usually get a fair amount of food for a good price.  

Jan. 28th:

Taken at a wine bar called ‘Die Wein Orgel’ (the ‘wine organ’).  The wine was decent, but not great.  There was a birthday party going on there though, thus the festive picture.  Sadly, I was not actually attending the party, but more so crashing it.  

Jan. 29th:

I was on my way to the Naturhistorischesmuseum (Natural History Museum) and in one of the trashcans in the square, I saw this.  Who really thinks that discarding a Christmas tree in a tiny trashcan makes any sense?  At least it was entertaining, especially when in front of two incredible, historic  museums.  

Jan. 30th:

A pretty standard Monday morning spent waiting to take a train back to Horn. This train is almost always late and there is no where to sit inside the train station!  So frustrating!!

Norman, the couch bear, and me.  Since I can’t have a dog, Norman makes a nice replacement.  Isn’t he cute?!