Still no real internet…hopefully one day soon. Other than that I’m loving my apartment and my district in Vienna!

June 26th:

At the Grove Farmer’s Market in LA.

June 27th:

Best American food combination ever.  Mmmmm.  This was at a sushi restaurant in Bakersfield, CA.  

July 28th:

Mini college reunion!  I met up with Alison and Kelsey in Bakersfield.  

July 29th:

Probably one of my favorite dishes ever-pineapple “Stuft stix” (aka pizza sticks) with marinara sauce.  Excellent.  In Thousand Oaks, California, the town where I went to college.  I pretty much just drove all over the state of California while I was there.


So I’d really like to get caught up with my posts, but now I’m paying for internet by the gig.  Tumblr is not exactly the best place for me right now.  I’ll try a picture or two though.  

June 23rd (Back in America!)

My friend’s dogs.  Aren’t they cute?  

June 24th:

Even California has castles!  Hahaha…I’m so funny.

June 25th:

Beach!  Finally. And Starbucks.  I’m so American.