Found my camera cords….both in a spot that I had looked in about 50 times.  How can I lose something in such a small room?  Well, I have some catching up to do so here goes…

Jan. 14th:

The Rathaus (City Hall) through the trees.

Jan. 15th:

Protesters against the Tunisian government. 

Jan. 16th:

Viennese sunset.  🙂

Jan. 17th:

The first of many baked goods that I made last week.  I didn’t realize that brownies required so few ingredients! 

Jan. 18th:

My current tea obsession.  Allison gave this to me and I can’t stop drinking it!  It’s called Winterzauber meaning “Winter magic”.  I can’t quite describe the taste, fruity with a hint of vanilla perhaps.

Jan. 19th:

Sugar cookies.  I was in a baking mood I guess.

Jan. 20th:

This is a poster I made for the Open House at one of my schools.  The Open House was last Friday and Saturday and the purpose of it was to attract new students to the school for the next year.  It was a little wild with guided tours of parents and kids coming in and out of the classroom, live music and food being prepared throughout the day.  Not exactly an ideal teaching or learning environment! And yes, the students had to go to extra classes on Saturday! (Which meant I had to teach!)

Jan. 21st:

Really this picture doesn’t have much of a point.  I was just frustrated.  The green and blue bars on the side of the building mean that there is an ATM there.  On Friday morning I needed cash to buy tickets to the ball so I had to walk 25 minutes in to town just to get money!  What’s really annoying is that once you’re in town, there are about 5 ATMs.  Annoying!!

Jan. 22nd:

This is from the Gymnasium Ball.  Some of the graduating students performed a dance at the opening of the ball.  Definitely the same as an American prom!

Jan. 23rd:

Unfortunately I burnt these chocolate chip (aka Milka bar) cookies.  :/  Luckily I didn’t burn the whole batch! 

Jan. 24th:

Sun and snow.  Not a bad combination.

Jan. 25th:

Playing dodgeball with the students.  Well, actually I didn’t play yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well, but usually I’m on the court as well!

Jan. 26th (today!):

One of my classes preparing to take a test.   I thought it was pretty funny that they use these plastic boards that clamp to the desks to prevent cheating.  They store them in a wooden briefcase in the classroom!  I definitely thought they were toys at first. As you can tell, the class was not as amused as I was, but who would be right before a test?

Ok that’s all!  I won’t lose my camera cord again!!  Good night!


I have four cords capable of connecting either my blackberry or my camera to my laptop, but at the moment I can’t find any of them.  So I guess the pictures will have to wait yet another day, but I have still been taking them!  Austrian update: the weather here has been gorgeous and put me in a great mood.  Unfortunately, I checked the forecast and it’s supposed to be disgusting again by Wednesday with snow all next week.  I guess I’ll have to enjoy the weather while it lasts!  Other than that not much to report though.  Oh!  Three deer ran, well galloped, in front of me when I was riding my bike yesterday.  Pretty cool.  Too bad I didn’t get a picture!! 

I was hoping to post a picture of a shiny new residence permit, but Austrian work hours and I do not agree.  I arrived at the building where I was supposed to pick up my permit at 3:40pm, 10 minutes after it closed.  Really, Austria?  Why are your citizens going home at 3:30?! Haven’t they heard of 9-5 business hours?!  Because of these ridiculous hours, I am still considered a tourist.  A tourist with a job, bank account and apartment, but a tourist all the same. 

So instead I’m posting a picture from my walk -30 minutes, each way, in the rain…at least the picture is nice.

My laptop is annoying.  I tried to upload some pictures yesterday and it wouldn’t let me.  Lame.

January 11th:

Coffee with Allison at Halwelka, my favorite coffee house in Vienna, after a Freud lecture.  I don’t normally go to Vienna during the week, but yesterday there was a lecture/discussion on Freud and the Non-European.  It was (mostly) interesting and I’m excited to say that I’ve learned a few new things in regard to Freud and Mexico. I even took notes!


I have finally jumped on this bandwagon.  Since I can’t really get to gym in Horn, I think this will be a nice replacement.  Today was the first day.  The ab workout is really intense!!

January 8th: 

Somehow I was convinced that going out was a good idea.  It was actually pretty fun.  Here’s a ceiling shot from the club.  (What could possibly be more exciting?!)   The silver spirals that adorned the ceiling somewhat reminded me of DNA.

January 9th:

Ugh.  Time to unpack. Not my favorite thing to do.

January 10th:

I found a new favorite chocolate today.  Vanillekipferls are my favorite kind of Austrian Christmas cookie.  Mixing them with chocolate was brilliant.  Thank you, Ritter Sport!

So I’m behind with the whole picture of the day, but only with the uploading!  I guess that’s what happens when you’re in the in process of going from one place to another.

January 5th:

Lazy dogs.  Minnie, left, is a miniature dachshund and min pin mix and Hershey, the one completely passed out, is a miniature dachshund.  You probably wouldn’t know it from this picture, but they don’t really get along!

Jan. 6th:

Photo credit to my brother as he was taking pictures of his day to show to my classes in Austria. This is the first in the series-our garage. 

Jan. 7th:

View from the plane a few minutes after take off from Munich to Vienna. Unfortunately the window was a little dirty/scratched so it makes the picture blurry. :/  Also, this looked amazing in real life!

My friend Aletha and I went to the Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt tonight.  Not only did the place look awesome, but they had this amazing bright orange Christmas tree!  Now, I know it sounds cheesy, but doesn’t it actually look really pretty?  Or maybe that’s just me?  I did have snicker doodle and eggnog yogurt mixed together so maybe I just have strange taste.

Goody bag from the dentist. No cavities!  I actually forgot to take any pictures today,  thus a picture of my new toothbrush.  🙂  I guess I’ll need to change my picture taking habits to keep this up!

This morning I found this letter written in April 2009.  I wrote it to myself in one of my psychology classes in Austria.  My professor sent out the letters last Christmas, but I wasn’t in the country when it came so it got lost in the shuffle.  I had some pretty good advice for myself! I definitely recommend doing this.  This letter made me think about a lot of things I thought I’d forgotten.  If you’re interested in doing this, one website I know of (if you don’t have someone to randomly mail you a letter in a year…) is  You can write an email to yourself and have it sent on a future date.  Pretty cool.

365 days=365 pictures

Well, hopefully.  I’ve seen people do this before and I really liked the idea.  This year, I will be attempting to post a picture to represent each day.  Keep in mind this is not necessarily an artistic venture, but I’ll try to take some decent pictures.  🙂  So, here goes:

Location: Oklahoma!! 

Starting the new year off right with 9 layer dip (black eyed peas on top), avocado enchiladas and collard greens.  All courtesy of my brother!  Yum.

A second picture for good measure:

For dessert we roasted marshmallows for s’mores!