Back in Austria

Location: Graz, Austria

After a frantic last few days in California and nearly evacuating LAX by leaving my carry on in the parking lot, I boarded the plane to Vienna; this time for a more permanent stay.  I’ve been in Austria for a week now.  Currently I’m in Graz for an orientation for the teaching assistants.  I grumbled quite a bit about a mandatory orientation, but I’ve actually found it to be incredibly helpful and I’ve met several people from both the US and UK as well.  It’s also pretty cool that I’m staying in a castle-see pictures post.

Today I taught my first lesson with three other assistants to a group of 33(!!) 14 year olds.  I would say it went fairly well.  That small taste of teaching and the materials I’ve been given here have made me much more confident about my teaching ability, although it would be nice to teach with other people all the time!

I leave Graz tomorrow and head back to Vienna for a day or two.  From there I will lug my suitcases to Horn (,com_easygallery/Itemid,97/) and begin teaching on Monday.  I’ll update more about the town when I arrive.  In the meantime, wish me luck!!


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