Location: Eggenberg, Austria (Okay, actually Prague, Czech Republic, but that’s not what this post is about.)

I thought it was time for a stereotypical post.  Last weekend, the former teaching assistant, Chris, came to Horn to visit. He showed me around town some more and was  nice enough to let me tag along to a few parties.  Friday night we attended a “Warehouse Party” which was literally a party in a beer warehouse. The party was more like a club located in a large barn and came complete with several obscenely drunk teenagers-the drinking age in Austria is 16 for beer and wine and 18 for liquor.  Although interesting, it wasn’t exactly my style so I was more than skeptical when I was told that Oktoberfest the next evening would be held in the same location.  However, the prospect of making friends was appealing so I went along and was happy to find that Oktoberfest was completely different.  Instead of loud techno/house music, there was a live band in front playing traditional Austrian music. And rather than drunk teenagers everywhere, there were drunk adults.  To my delight many were wearing leder hosen and drindls.  I hesitantly ordered a pretzel and a “Bier maß” meaning “beer more” which is a very stereotypical liter mug of beer.  I enjoyed my pretzel and beer, listened to the band and also participated in a “train” of people around the warehouse.  After the band quit playing, the DJ played more traditional Austrian songs to which everyone stood on the tables and sang along enthusiastically.  What a great Austrian night.  Unfortunately, I don’t have my pictures here to post today, but when I get back from Prague I’ll post an Oktoberfest album.


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