As I mentioned, I was in Prague last weekend. Two other teaching assistants came along and we met up with my friends from CLU, Jesse and Mayan, who are studying abroad there.  I sure many of you know that in the past I have despised Prague, but I went with an open mind and had an excellent time. Jesse and Mayan were excellent tour guides and it didn’t hurt that the weather was amazing.

So, my faith in Prague has been restored. The weekend was spent sightseeing, eating some very hearty Czech food (as well as a few fried cheese sandwiches) and dancing at an 80s and 90s club. One of the more interesting sites was the Kafka Museum.  Although I was relatively unfamiliar with Kafka’s works, I still found the museum..interesting. I suppose to fans of Kafka it would be “Kafkaesque”.  It was a little eerie at times, but definitely worthwhile and Kafka is now next on my reading list. 

Another memorable site was the bell tower at Prague’s castle.  For some reason I was unaware that we were about to climb approximately 300 stairs.  I was not prepared!  I survived a near asthma attack and the view was amazing. Literally breathtaking! 

I returned to Prague on Monday. That evening a group of friends and I celebrated “World Noodle Day” by having a pasta party. It was a great way to end my long weekend. Now I’m preparing to head back to Vienna for my second five day weekend in a row.  Thank you, Catholic holidays!


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