Found my camera cords….both in a spot that I had looked in about 50 times.  How can I lose something in such a small room?  Well, I have some catching up to do so here goes…

Jan. 14th:

The Rathaus (City Hall) through the trees.

Jan. 15th:

Protesters against the Tunisian government. 

Jan. 16th:

Viennese sunset.  🙂

Jan. 17th:

The first of many baked goods that I made last week.  I didn’t realize that brownies required so few ingredients! 

Jan. 18th:

My current tea obsession.  Allison gave this to me and I can’t stop drinking it!  It’s called Winterzauber meaning “Winter magic”.  I can’t quite describe the taste, fruity with a hint of vanilla perhaps.

Jan. 19th:

Sugar cookies.  I was in a baking mood I guess.

Jan. 20th:

This is a poster I made for the Open House at one of my schools.  The Open House was last Friday and Saturday and the purpose of it was to attract new students to the school for the next year.  It was a little wild with guided tours of parents and kids coming in and out of the classroom, live music and food being prepared throughout the day.  Not exactly an ideal teaching or learning environment! And yes, the students had to go to extra classes on Saturday! (Which meant I had to teach!)

Jan. 21st:

Really this picture doesn’t have much of a point.  I was just frustrated.  The green and blue bars on the side of the building mean that there is an ATM there.  On Friday morning I needed cash to buy tickets to the ball so I had to walk 25 minutes in to town just to get money!  What’s really annoying is that once you’re in town, there are about 5 ATMs.  Annoying!!

Jan. 22nd:

This is from the Gymnasium Ball.  Some of the graduating students performed a dance at the opening of the ball.  Definitely the same as an American prom!

Jan. 23rd:

Unfortunately I burnt these chocolate chip (aka Milka bar) cookies.  :/  Luckily I didn’t burn the whole batch! 

Jan. 24th:

Sun and snow.  Not a bad combination.

Jan. 25th:

Playing dodgeball with the students.  Well, actually I didn’t play yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well, but usually I’m on the court as well!

Jan. 26th (today!):

One of my classes preparing to take a test.   I thought it was pretty funny that they use these plastic boards that clamp to the desks to prevent cheating.  They store them in a wooden briefcase in the classroom!  I definitely thought they were toys at first. As you can tell, the class was not as amused as I was, but who would be right before a test?

Ok that’s all!  I won’t lose my camera cord again!!  Good night!


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