The Gloriette-which looks down on Schönbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Hapsburgs.  I had a ridiculously overpriced coffee there.  I love the Gloriette, but having coffee there is just not worth it.  You can’t see the view of the city from inside!


U-bahn.  Public transportation is definitely one of my favorite things about Vienna.

Feb. 14th:

Typical Austrian breakfast to start my week off.  Hot chocolate, semmel (roll), butter and a soft boiled egg. Yum.

The grocery store gave me a daffodil with my purchase because it was Valentine’s Day! 🙂

Feb. 15th:

I think there is a picture of this spot already on here, but I like this view and it’s winter now.  This is the field I pass on my walk to school everyday. 


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