My lack of posting is partially due to laziness (okay, actually that’s a big part of it) and partially due to the fact that my computer is so freaking slow. My apologies.  I actually tried to do this yesterday and my computer was just not having it. 

Feb. 18th:

The Naschmarkt in Vienna.  If you need something specific in the way of food, the Naschmarkt is the place to get it.  Every imaginable fruit, vegetable, sauce, sweet, spice and more.  Usually there are a lot more people at this place, but the weather wasn’t great.  I may have to post another picture when the atmosphere looks a little more lively. 

Feb. 19th:

One of my favorite bars-Donau Bar.  There are usually images projected onto the wall, although they aren’t usually about English.  This says something like “English is the criminal/underground/organized crime language”.  Pretty odd, but thought provoking I suppose.

Feb. 20th:

All of this is made out of marzipan.  Austrians are pretty obsessed with it.  Shops like this selling marzipan animals, sausages, fruits, etc. are quite common, not to mention it’s found in many well known pastries and candies.  It’s not my favorite, but I definitely don’t hate it.  (I would never eat anything like the above though…I’m not even sure you should eat it!)

Feb. 21st:

There are very few, if any, direct trains to Horn from Vienna.  That means I have to wait awkward amounts of time in small towns.  This particular town is called Zellerndorf, population: 3,000.

Feb. 22nd:

After about a week, the sun finally returned to Horn.  Thankfully it has stuck around since.  I’m pretty sure this is part of the outdoor swimming pool, still partially frozen.

Feb. 23rd:

Orchids.  🙂

Feb. 24th:

Totally empty train.  Somewhat creepy.

Feb. 25th:

Spinatnockerln…small dumplings made out of spinach and covered in cheese.  Yum.

Feb. 26th:

Stephansdom, Vienna’s cathedral.  I love the history here. 

Feb. 27th:

Demmel Cafe has an observation room where you can watch as cakes and pastries are decorated. 

Feb. 28th:

These signs seem to be common around Horn.  It says something like “Nature in the garden. Healthy owners keep us healthy.”  From what I understand, you should put this in front of your yard if you keep it natural.  For example, letting the grass grow (not mowing the lawn) and having a fence open enough for animals to get in and out.  Not sure of all of the rules, but I think it’s really cool.  I wish America would adopt an attitude like this!  And yes, there are wild hedgehogs in Austria!

Mar. 1st:

An artsy attempt.  Today was not a very exciting day.  


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