March 5th:

Allison about to enjoy a delicious original Sachertorte at Sacher Stube.  A Sachertorte is similar to a piece of chocolate cake, but way better.

March 6th:

“Planet Earth: Directions for Use”  These boxes were available in English and German at a coffee shop.  Inside are explanations of how our planet works.  I believe it was produced by the Austrian Educational Commission.  A pretty cool idea.

March 7th:

This is the advertising campaign for the post office. This sign says “If it’s really important, then it’s best to send it by post.”  I think this campaign is creative, eye catching and really funny.  Props, Austrian post office.  

March 8th:

Yum. These are krapfen, a kind of Austrian jelly filled doughnut, only tastier and not as greasy as a doughnut.  Today was Faschingsdienstag aka Mardi Gras, but it’s celebrated somewhat differently.  Fasching lasts from November until today, during which krapfen are the baked good of choice.  On Faschingsdienstag, children and adults alike dress up, much like Halloween in the US.  By 4:30p.m. the bars were already packed and many people roamed the streets in costume.  Unfortunately my only celebrating today was the consumption of these krapfen, but I suppose that’s enough for me.  🙂


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