Life Ball!

The next pictures are from this year’s Life Ball. My friend Tina and I were lucky enough to get tickets this year.  ”The Life Ball is the largest charity event in Europe in the fight against AIDS.” (  It was a great time with a few celebrities, plenty of performances, a fashion show by Dsquared2 and of course, dancing.  All of this took place in and around Vienna’s Rathaus (city hall).  It was definitely cool to dance all night in such a gorgeous building!

May 21st:

Bad lighting, but this was my outfit for the ball.  The “element” this year was air with the theme “spread the wings of tolerance”.  The event puts out a “style bible” every year.  Those who meet the style requirements (well, go above and beyond, actually) can purchase reduced price tickets.  I didn’t have a reduced price ticket, but a costume is always more fun than normal formal wear! I went as some kind of Greek goddess with wings.  I think it turned out alright!

This is Tina!  Her wings were much more intense than mine!

Mini opera performance. 

Nadine Beiler, Austria’s Eurovision Song Contest contestant for 2011.

Natalia Kills performing “Mirrors”.  (Sorry for the awful pictures!)

Janet Jackson


Beginning of the fashion show

more from the fashion show


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