May 29th:

This was a huge snail from one of my walks. This picture doesn’t really do it justice. 

May 30th:

This was at Stift Altenburg (sorry the site is in German).  I believe “stift” is monastery in English, although I’m not positive at the moment.  The audio tour my mom and I took of the place was great, but for some reason failed to mention what this room was/is.  I’ll post some more pictures from this place later.  It was pretty interesting and only about 10 minutes from my town!

May 31st:

Something went wrong with the peanut butter cookie recipe that was baked in one of my classes on their last day with me.  Not only did it turn out to be more of a cake, but the “cookies” also kind of tasted like popcorn.  The chocolate chip cookies were a success though.  


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