I’ve been MIA due to the fact that I’ve been playing the role of summer camp counselor since my return to Austria.  For those of you who may think otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Hanging out it kids all day is (usually) more fun than hanging out with adults I discovered.  It also helped that the camp was held in a GORGEOUS part of Austria, Zell am See.   Fun times.

June 6th:

These two pictures are from Rust (pronounced something like Roooust) near Neusiedlersee (Neusiedler Lake).  I guess they decided they wanted to up the population of storks living there so they build nests for them everywhere.  On apartments, government buildings, cemeteries.  They count the number of storks they have and the number of babies or eggs as well and post it for everyone to see.  The city even had a nifty stork life cycle information plaque for visitors.  Props, Rust.  

June 10th:

The Holocaust Memorial at Judenplatz in Vienna’s first district.  I’m sorry thatI didn’t get a closer picture.  It is actually made up of concrete “books” that are turned inside out. You can read more about it here.

June 17th:

My friend, Mallory, is an au pair near Horn.  This is the puppy her family had recently brought home.  I want it!

Not sure why I can’t find any pictures from the 10th through the 17th.  I’ll look around.  It’s possible I didn’t take any that week though as it was kind of a rough one for me. Oh well, I’ve taken about 700 pictures in the past month so I think I can make up for it!


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