San Jose! I could have sworn that I took more pictures of San Jose, but these pictures are the only ones that seem to be on my computer.

Psycho Donuts in San Jose is one of the more interesting donut shops I’ve been to and has a unique theme. The names of the donuts, which are written on “prescription cards” range from the mildly bizarre-Manic Malt-to the kind of gross(weak stomach here)-Noses and Eyeball. The theme is made complete with cashiers dressed as nurses. Sadly, the picture I captured of that is just not worth putting up. 


The decor is great. Very Halloween mixed with Rocky Horror Picture Show. In fact, there is even a theater in the same building, Camera 3 Entertainment, which has monthly showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Prescriptions for “Manic Malt” covered in malt balls and another donut covered in different kinds of cereal. 


“Headbanger” and “Crazy Face” 


I wrote down the name of mine, but then lost the paper. It was a s’mores donut with graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow! 


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