Well, I’m sitting in the in the airport in Teipei, Taiwan waiting for my flight to Hanoi. I occasionally have moments of “I’m moving to Vietnam!?!?”, but for the most part I just feel like I’m on vacation.  The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has proved to be rather entertaining. I’ve seen an exhibit on indigenous people of Taiwan, a collection of wire sculptures and tons of Hello Kitty. I’ve been here before, but only remember sitting in a waiting area. That’s probably because I didn’t sleep at ALL on that 14 and a half hour flight! (I slept nine hours on this one!) Anyway, as long as I’m here, I thought I’d share a few of the more interesting sites in the airport.



 What time is it? Hello Kitty time!



Life-size robot sculpture


Orchid display

You are about to be bombarded with photos of barbie dolls. There was a display of dolls representing the countries of the world. I found it rather entertaining, especially the doll representing the USA. 



Denmark. The description says something about  versatile clothing that is both fashionable and suitable for cycling. I’m not so sure I would wear a giant feather boa while riding my bike.


The Austrian! The description says “Austria is a natural-loving nation. A simple shirt, flare skirt and a pure white apron can show its humble folk styles and the delicacy of their life.”


Can you guess who she represents? That’s right, the American! Description: “It is a commonly seen classic American gown. Pink is the main color of the gown. The floral adornments on the neck, chest and its lower hem give people the impression of purity and sweetness.” Can’t say I ever owned a gown like this…


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