Street Food: Chè

I can’t say I’ve tried out much street food since I’ve been here, and that’s partly because I’m a vegetarian and much of the street food has meat in it. It’s probably time to be more adventurous though!  I have however, been introduced to the world of street food sweets. “Chè” refers to a kind of sweet, soup-like food. There are several kinds, and to be honest I haven’t really figured out the names. The stands are easy to pick out though as there will be bowls filled brightly colored foods.


From what I can tell, each bowl contains a different variety of chè. There are different kinds of sweet beans, sweet corn, glass jelly, tapioca and fruit as well as coconut milk. Just have a bowl or glass filled with ingredients of your choice and top it off with a bit of crushed ice. My absolute favorite ingredient is lychee, which are the yellowish fruits pictured above.


As you can tell, this isn’t from the same place as above, but is a much prettier one with ingredients that were chosen for me.


Mix it all together and enjoy! Yum! Now I’m hungry…

Also, a bit of an update for you…I’m employed! I start tomorrow and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll be teaching English to primary school kids. Yay for having a job!

Since this post was about food, I’ll end with something else. Remember those plastic animals from the night market? Well, I bought one:


and look what he does!!!


Definitely worth the 20,000 VND I spent. Oh, and please like my page on Facebook!



  1. Hey! Love reading your posts! Miss you!! Can’t wait to hear about the adventures :)) be safe!

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