Happy New Year!

How about a quick 2013 post with my standard promise to post more in the new year?

2013 was a busy year for me. I moved three times, started a new job, started learning a new language, and did a fair amount of studying. Moving to Vietnam was definitely the biggest event that happened, but graduate school applications were a close second. I am SO close to being done with them and I cannot wait! More posts after I turn those in! ūüėČ

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the past year that I’d like to share:

An early Hanoi picture of Hoan Kiem Lake. My first apartment was very near here.

I learned to drive a motorbike!

I met too many of these. Ick!

I ate a lot of fun new foods! (Black sesame pudding maybe?)

I celebrated a new holiday, Tet, the lunar new year celebration in Vietnam. Here I am visiting the temple with Hien and her family.

Perhaps one of the more challenging experiences this year was teaching public school classes of 50 + kids. I’m not sure I will ever really get used to it.

Max and his family came to Vietnam. This is from a cooking class in Hoi An. I’ll make an actual post about this soon. It was so much fun!

Trekking in Cambodia with Max.

I attended (and was in) the wedding of one of my best friends. Congrats Hien and Duy!

I made a quick trip to Bangkok by myself. I could have sworn I made a post about this already. I’ll make one soon!

Quick trip to Austria. Hiking in the Alps.

Thanksgiving in Hanoi.

A new favorite winter food. Fried potatoes, fried corn, and fried bananas! YUM!

There were so many things that happened in 2013 that I did not capture on film or don’t have on my computer, including my trip to the States, but I think you get the idea. All in all it was a great year! Here’s to the many new adventures and friends I hope 2014 will bring. Happy New Year!


Thailand in Review

Here are some more of my favorite photos from Thailand. ¬†Overall it was a good trip, although I probably will not be returning for a beach holiday and most likely not to Koh Chang. ¬†Way too touristy in my opinion, but after leaving the northern part of the island it had some redeeming qualities. ¬†I’ll stick to the cities and some scuba diving. ¬†

February 7th:

Sifting through the day’s catches. ¬†

Feb. 8th

Scuba diving!! ¬†I’m not very photogenic underwater. Haha.

Feb. 9th:

Saying goodbye to the island of Koh Chang. Back to Bangkok.

Feb. 10th

This is a tuk-tuk. ¬†The tuk-tuk driver’s are the competition for the taxi drivers in Bangkok. ¬†Although they always try to get you to use their service by promising it’s cheaper, the price quoted is usually about triple what you would pay for a taxi. ¬†Worth it one time I would say, otherwise it’s too expensive. ¬†I suspect that the locals do in fact get a much cheaper price though. This was the last day in Thailand. ¬†ūüė¶

Back in Austria. ¬†There wasn’t a lot to do yesterday so I did some shopping. ¬†I thought it was somewhat fitting that my main purchase was two soup bowls with a place to rest chopsticks. ¬†

I have many more pictures, but I’m still sifting through them. ¬†I’ll add some more from Thailand as soon as I have!

Bangkok, Thailand

Location: Bangkok

Right now I am in Thailand as my semester break has just begun. I’m not really sure why a break is needed since we just started back, but I’m not complaining! ¬†

Feb. 2nd:

Red eye flight from Vienna to Bangkok. ¬†Business class! ¬†The best sleep I’ve ever gotten on a plane. ¬†Unfortunately, I was still pretty exhausted when the plane landed.¬†

Feb. 3rd:

The Chinese New Year happens to be going on right now. ¬†There were celebrations all over the city (I think we even saw the queen visiting a temple!), but this one was happening in front of the hotel. ¬†As the dragon danced around people ran up to put money in it’s mouth. ¬†


Mythological figures at the Grand Palace. ¬†Sadly, I can’t tell you much more about these other than they’re pretty cool looking. The palace however, was home to the past king’s of Thailand, although it is no longer used as a residence.

And now, a few more Thailand pictures.  No way I could pick just three!!

Night Market.

Best dessert ever.  Fried dough, filled with egg and banana, then topped with sweetened condensed milk and some more sugar.  

This guy accompanied the dancing dragons and both collected money and passed out charms to those who donated.

I actually really liked my food.  I think I was upset by the fact I had just picked up such a huge pepper.  Thai food is SPICY!

At the Banyon Tree Hotel’s rooftop bar. ¬†Decent drinks and great view of the city.

The first of many Buddah’s seen today.

Marine life for sale outside the temples. ¬†I’m pretty sure they were there to release…perhaps for good luck?

The Grand Palace

The boat that took us through the canals.

Houses on the water.

Fried insects. ¬†Yum? ¬†I could not bring myself to try these…

Tomorrow I’m off to Koh Chang. ¬†Internet there is extremely expensive so hopefully I will be able to update at least once. ¬†