February 7th:

Sifting through the day’s catches.  

Feb. 8th

Scuba diving!!  I’m not very photogenic underwater. Haha.

Feb. 9th:

Saying goodbye to the island of Koh Chang. Back to Bangkok.

Feb. 10th

This is a tuk-tuk.  The tuk-tuk driver’s are the competition for the taxi drivers in Bangkok.  Although they always try to get you to use their service by promising it’s cheaper, the price quoted is usually about triple what you would pay for a taxi.  Worth it one time I would say, otherwise it’s too expensive.  I suspect that the locals do in fact get a much cheaper price though. This was the last day in Thailand.  😦

Back in Austria.  There wasn’t a lot to do yesterday so I did some shopping.  I thought it was somewhat fitting that my main purchase was two soup bowls with a place to rest chopsticks.  

I have many more pictures, but I’m still sifting through them.  I’ll add some more from Thailand as soon as I have!


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