Summer in Vietnam: My New Favorite Drink

I have discovered a new favorite-sugarcane juice! Small stalls began appearing around the city sometime in April, and while I first thought the idea of sugarcane juice sounded a bit odd, I decided to go for it while visiting Ho Chi Minh City and I’m glad I did! It’s sweet, but not too sweet, with a bit of added lime and ice and very refreshing. Another fun thing about this drink is the way it’s made, like fresh squeezed orange juice, but with a huge piece of sugar cane instead, which is rather entertaining to watch.



I wish I had a better picture of this, but the sugarcane is pressed through this contraption that’s cranked by hand. The sugarcane is pushed through several times until all the juice is squeezed out and it’s completely flattened. 


Finished product! Yummmm.


Or get it to go. If you’re lucky you’ll get a fun Hello Kitty lid! 😉 


I’m sad that summer is coming to an end. One of my favorite things about summer in Vienna is the gelato, or eis in German. The tasty treat above is a scoop of raspberry and a scoop of a unique chocolate flavor called “Viennale”. Although Vienna is filled with delicious gelato, not all gelato is created equal! Everyone seems to have a different favorite here and I happen to have several favorites.

Top 5 Gelato Places in Vienna:

1. Eissalon am Schwedenplatz, pefect amount of creaminess and a changing menu of unique flavors. 1st district, U-bahn Schwedenplatz.

2. Tichy, a smaller list of flavors, but that also means more perfected flavors. My favorite place for chocolate gelato and they have great pistachio! Not as creamy and has a lighter texture to it. 10th district, U-bahn Reumannplatz.

3. Greissler Eis, pictured above. Organic and delicious, they also have several vegan options. 1st district, U-bahn Stephansplatz.

4. Tuchlauben, a bit thicker texture than the other places. To me, this gelato most resembles American ice cream. 1st district, U-bahn Stephansplatz.

5. Zanoni Garda, not to be confused with Zanoni and Zanoni in the first district, this place uses less sugar and therefore has a richer flavor. 15th district, U-bahn Westbahnhof.

What could be a more perfect place to enjoy a scoop of your favorite gelato than one of Vienna’s numerous parks?