I’m sad that summer is coming to an end. One of my favorite things about summer in Vienna is the gelato, or eis in German. The tasty treat above is a scoop of raspberry and a scoop of a unique chocolate flavor called “Viennale”. Although Vienna is filled with delicious gelato, not all gelato is created equal! Everyone seems to have a different favorite here and I happen to have several favorites.

Top 5 Gelato Places in Vienna:

1. Eissalon am Schwedenplatz, pefect amount of creaminess and a changing menu of unique flavors. 1st district, U-bahn Schwedenplatz.

2. Tichy, a smaller list of flavors, but that also means more perfected flavors. My favorite place for chocolate gelato and they have great pistachio! Not as creamy and has a lighter texture to it. 10th district, U-bahn Reumannplatz.

3. Greissler Eis, pictured above. Organic and delicious, they also have several vegan options. 1st district, U-bahn Stephansplatz.

4. Tuchlauben, a bit thicker texture than the other places. To me, this gelato most resembles American ice cream. 1st district, U-bahn Stephansplatz.

5. Zanoni Garda, not to be confused with Zanoni and Zanoni in the first district, this place uses less sugar and therefore has a richer flavor. 15th district, U-bahn Westbahnhof.

What could be a more perfect place to enjoy a scoop of your favorite gelato than one of Vienna’s numerous parks?


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