January 27th: 

This is from the bathroom door at one of my favorite restaurants in Vienna.  It’s called Der Wiener Deewan and is Pakistani (similar to Indian food).  The atmosphere is awesome, perhaps a little counter culture.   It’s claim to fame amoung the young foreigners here is that it is “pay as you wish”.  Before you leave you simply pay whatever you think the meal is worth.  Since it’s also buffet style you usually get a fair amount of food for a good price.  

Jan. 28th:

Taken at a wine bar called ‘Die Wein Orgel’ (the ‘wine organ’).  The wine was decent, but not great.  There was a birthday party going on there though, thus the festive picture.  Sadly, I was not actually attending the party, but more so crashing it.  

Jan. 29th:

I was on my way to the Naturhistorischesmuseum (Natural History Museum) and in one of the trashcans in the square, I saw this.  Who really thinks that discarding a Christmas tree in a tiny trashcan makes any sense?  At least it was entertaining, especially when in front of two incredible, historic  museums.  

Jan. 30th:

A pretty standard Monday morning spent waiting to take a train back to Horn. This train is almost always late and there is no where to sit inside the train station!  So frustrating!!

Norman, the couch bear, and me.  Since I can’t have a dog, Norman makes a nice replacement.  Isn’t he cute?!


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