So yesterday was spent traveling to Koh Chang.  Unfortunately, not at all what I had expected.  The resort we had booked, the Amari Emerald Cove Resort, was subpar. The tiny beach was not only concrete but had ugly concrete steps leading to the water.  It was awful, but more on that later.  Yesterday’s picture is from the ferry ride to the island after a 5 hour bus ride.  It was a welcome site and had my mood lifted for a time.

Feb. 5th:

Feb 6th:

Today we moved to another ‘resort’.  This one is not so much a resort as it is a place to stay that is not surrounded by loud music, hookers and awful food.  The beach is again tiny, and dirty, but at least it’s not made of concrete.  This picture makes it look better than it really is…but I’m surviving.  🙂


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