Hello again!  No excuses this time.  I’m just not very good at this I suppose.  I promise I take pictures everyday!  Well, except for one day I forgot, but that’s not awful.

March 18th:

One of the U-Bahn (subway) stations has a hall of mirrors.  Each mirror has some kind of fact with a counter on it.  Some of the facts are sad like, “number of people killed by grenades this year”, and some of them are funny: “number of schnitzels eaten so far this year”.  It makes for an interesting walk down a long hall.  This is not a very good picture, but this is one really long mirror with pi written out for about 40 numbers or so.

March 19th:

Raclette night.  One of my friends has a raclette grill.  On top of the grill you grill vegetables (or, in some cases, meat).  Underneath you melt raclette cheese.  When the cheese is melted, you pour it over some potatoes, throw some veggies on top and maybe add a few spices.  This is apparently popular in Switzerland and it’s quite tasty.

March “20th”:

This is the day I didn’t take a picture.  I thought I’d lost my camera and my phone was dead.  So here’s a nice picture of Horn from a few months ago.  Pretty, but I am so glad that winter is over!!

March 21st:

Delicious lentil recipe with zucchini and white asparagus.  I love white asparagus! 


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