March 22nd:

There was another American English teacher in Horn in March (woo!) and he had a dog, Missy.  So, naturally, she became my photo of the day.  Adorable.  

March 23rd. 

A famous Austrian dessert, “Mohr im Hemd”.  The translation of the dessert is very odd and I would say sounds kind of racist as well.  Racist sounding desserts?  Austria can be strange like that.  There are many things that would not fly in the US that people don’t give a second thought to here. Well, expect maybe the Americans.  That being said, the dessert is quite good. Basically a chocolate cake/brownie thing with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  

March 24th:

Food again.  I was eating out a lot that week.  This is at one of the two Chinese places in town. Yes, there are a whole two!  Fried vegetables with a GIANT egg roll in the background.  Too bad it had pork in so I couldn’t try it.

March 25th:

One the way home from Horn’s train “station” during sunset. 


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