I STILL do not have normal internet. Austria is ridiculous.  The guy came to install it and said that we had different cables(in our wall…) than what that company uses.  Or something dumb like that.  On the bright side, I barely spend anytime online anymore.  Down side is that I’m never on this site.  

Bad news of the day part two.  I lost my camera.  Many of you know that I have also lost my wallet (3 times) recently, but it’s been returned to me.  Not so with the camera.  My pictures didn’t all upload last time I attempted which means that most of my pictures from August and September are gone.  😦

Random news: I’m moving to a different part of the city.  More on that later.

June 30th:

Sandcastle at Zuma. 

July 1st:

Gorgeous hike in Topanga Canyon with my friend Lynsey.  I miss hiking in California so much!

July 4th:

Back in Oklahoma!  Didn’t my camera take some awesome fireworks pictures?!  RIP camera.


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