Maybe.  I’m not very good with keeping up with a blog. And I can’t save any pictures to my computer so that’s a pain.  See?  I’m already making excuses.

Since my last post a ton has happened.  Not too surprising seeing as how it’s been about 6 months.  

Anyway, the only pictures I have available right now are from my most recent trip-Egypt.  My boyfriend and I spent 8 days there, first stopping in Cairo for a few days before taking a bus (7 hours!) to Nuweiba in Sinai.  Cairo was insane.  We found it extremely difficult to find our way around and even the taxis didn’t seem to know where we were going much of the time.  Getting ripped off was fairly common, but besides that we had a good time.  The Egyptians we encountered were helpful and seemed genuinely friendly.  

Nuweiba was interesting.  Good interesting though.  It’s not filled with resorts, bars and clubs like I imagine some of the other cities on the Red Sea to be.  Instead Nuweiba is quiet with a few smaller hotels on the beach and “camps”, which I think are just really low budget places to stay.  Although it was quiet and on the beach, Max and I didn’t relax much.  Instead we worked towards our Advanced Open Water certifications.  I somehow managed to get mine (as did Max).  

The Nile


Cheesy picture with a pyramid.

I was forced to take pictures like this.  (Although I will admit that I probably would have done it anyway…)

Hanging Church in the Coptic Christian Quarter.

Egyptian Museum

Scary traffic.  See the people walking between the cars?


Beginning of our hike in the Colored Canyon.

Beach in front of the hotel.


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